DD_belatedPNG 0.0.1a

December 8, 2008

Check it out!  Proper PNG CSS background-image in IE6.



13 Responses to “DD_belatedPNG 0.0.1a”

  1. You, sir, are my new hero. 😀 Hooray for accidental awesomeness!

  2. Owen Says:

    Can you please apply a source code license to this source so that people can use it legally? CC recommends against using its licenses for source code, for good reason.

    Preferably apply one with liberal developer use, like ASL or MIT, and not GPL.

  3. dillerdesign Says:

    Good to know. I just wanted to avoid the GPL. I’ll look into MIT and re-release shortly.

  4. Stan Says:

    Doesn’t work (examples on your page) for me on IE 6.0.2900.2180XP SP2..

    Am I missing something here ?

    • dillerdesign Says:

      Stan: *shrug* Beats me. What brand of anti-virus software are you using? I remember scanning a few things a while back regarding some anti-virus apps muzzling VML of any kind as a zero-day protection effort against some exploit or another.

  5. Stan Says:

    ah.. bummer.

    I am “using” McAfee (I live here in corporate world).

    • dillerdesign Says:

      That’s no fun, I was coerced into a similar situation not long ago…

      Check it on another IE install when you get around to it, I will look into VML and anti-virus stuff some more. Thank you for the heads up.

      Btw, I made a few changes this evening, check out if 0.0.2a still fails for you (might want to hard-refresh, it is a simple static HTML document).

  6. Stan Says:

    Will do and dig up something at home, not really using IE6 when I have choices though 😛

    Checked 0.0.2a, still fails for me.

    Thanks for the quick replies anyway!

  7. Question (as I don’t have time to test it myself) – as the technique uses namespaced XHTML nodes, does that mean it won’t work in HTML 4 or 5 DOCTYPEs?

  8. IhateDesign Says:

    Amazing, like Mikey said in top, youre a hero!!!

  9. Justin Says:

    I’m presently building a forum and even with the DD_belatedPNG trick, the transparency still doesn’t work in IE6! 😦

    Website: http://pouel.ca/forum/

    If you happen to have any advice/solution, I will *greatly* appreciate.

    Thanks a lot!


  10. ttupper Says:

    I’m having trouble getting selectors to work. Perhaps I am missing something. I can use ‘img’ as a selector well enough, but if I use a class name such as .someClass, it does nothing. Does the class need to be declared within the page markup? All of my CSS is declared in linked files.

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