DD_belatedPNG: 0.0.3a released

December 10, 2008

Now with <IMG/> support =)

No use of pixel.gif to be found.  You can be sloppy with width/height attributes as well.



9 Responses to “DD_belatedPNG: 0.0.3a released”

  1. Beth Says:

    There is a brief flash of blue still, when you load the img.

    But other than that – great work!

  2. Adam Says:

    I’m getting a 1px line on the left on some of my pngs using this in IE6 . . . for the moment, i fixed it by setting the width to 1px less than the actual width. Any ideas?

    • dillerdesign Says:

      Adam, indeed, that bug is annoying the crap out of me, and I’m working on it as we speak.

      The VML is basically trying to antialias, and gets fuzzy on some edges, usually the left and top sides. There is similar WTF-ness going on with DD_roundies, where the bottom left corner looks smaller than the others even though its coordinates are mathematically correct.

      It is the monkey on my back at the moment, and I will be sure to put up another entry when it gets fixed.

      Few have noticed it, so pat yourself on the back for being observant =P

  3. Beth Says:

    This release fixed the bordering issue for me.

    I still have two random bugs – it randomly puts a white background on my ul (with png images inside the li tags). If I put a bg color on the background, it’ll flash to that color then turn back to white.

    Also, I have a link absolutely positioned on top of a png img (inside an li tag), and it won’t remove the underline even though I have text decoration set to none.

    Both these errors do not occur in firefox and ie 7.

  4. dillerdesign Says:

    Beth, are you specifying your background colors with keywords, like “black” or “orange”, etc?

    I’ve noticed that the number of predefined colors that VML understands is far less than what HTML understands. Orange, for instance, gets converted to black. If that is the issue for you, try using hex values.

    At any rate, would you please link me to a test case so I can take a look?

  5. Beth Says:

    No backgrounds appied. I am using a hex value for a nested ul inside (drop downs). I’m sure it’s just me, I have the footer set up the same way with no issues. The only difference between the two are nested ul tags (with no pngs in the li tags).

    Any idea why the link underline isn’t going away?

    Unfortunately I can’t link to it, it’s on a secure vpn server.

  6. dillerdesign Says:


    Ah, gotcha. Yeah, I don’t want to infringe on private development work. However, I require a test case in order to help out. Could perhaps recreate just a portion of the affected page, sent it to me in the form of a ZIP containing some HTML doc(s) and related assets?

  7. dillerdesign Says:

    *sigh* I should not allow myself to type in the morning. Bad grammar results.

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