DD_roundies 0.0.2a: coming soon

December 18, 2008

Sorry this is taking quite so long.  I have been working on DD_roundies as I have found available time every day this week.

New features to expect:

Same background-position and background-repeat support that is present in DD_belatedPNG.

Multiple border-widths: the VML is no longer simply one or two nodes, with one of them having a strokeWeight property.  It is now three VML nodes: one for the background color, one for the background image (if exists), and one for multiple border thicknesses.  A single stroke weight would not suffice.

Multiple border-radii, modeled after Firefox’s implementation.  You can do implied property mirroring, too, such as ’10px 20px’ would actually be interpreted as ’10px 20px 10px 20px’.


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