Drew hasn’t disappeared.

January 27, 2009

I know a lot of you are waiting for various bug fixes for both DD_roundies and DD_belatedPNG.  I have had very little free time lately.

I did see that IE8 RC1 is being offered, which has me eager to look at it in the context of DD_roundies (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DID THEY FIX THE ONRESIZE EVENT?).

Hold tight folks, I’m still dealing with a healthy dose of Too Much Sh** Going On.


4 Responses to “Drew hasn’t disappeared.”

  1. Rodney Reid Says:


    Thanks for the note.

    You have created a monster 🙂


    PS: What is this ‘free time’ you talk about?

    My wife may have mentioned it once during one of the many ‘chained to the keyboard’ late nights.

  2. Alec Gorge Says:

    I love your DD_belatedPNG. The world has needed this. AWESOME JOB.

  3. Jam Says:

    Man, you are amazing! This is the best fix of all the time! I´m from Brazil, and here we are using your fix too! All the world was waiting for you! Good job man! Fantastic!

  4. Kolano Says:

    Thanks for the work here.

    Not sure the specifics bug fixes you refer to here, but did want to let you know I’m having some trouble correcting PNGs added to a page as part of Dojo widgets.

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