Quick note on DD_roundies progress

June 2, 2009

Good news, I have had some time (and willingness … debugging IE is a pain) to actually sit down and write code.

DD_roundies 0.0.3 will feature two new methods:

  • DD_roundies.removeVML( HtmlDomElement );
  • DD_roundies.rerender( HtmlDomElement );

The former would be used if you wanted to un-roundify an explicit DOM node that you provide as the single argument to the method.

The latter would be used (same argument as the former) if the onpropertychange events didn’t catch all the changes that you intended to see, and you want to start the whole process of evaluating appearance and location over again.  It is also useful for roundifying elements after cloning an element, which hasn’t been working correctly up to this point.


15 Responses to “Quick note on DD_roundies progress”

  1. Adam Says:

    Brilliant, can’t wait for these two options!

  2. echo Says:

    Top of my wish list is IE8 background images on DD_roundies element. Thanks so much for your work on this, it is much appreciated!

  3. dillerdesign Says:

    echo, I can tell you that your wish has been accomplished. I’ve been seeing background images in IE8 ever since I fixed an “operation aborted” error that cropped up when using roundies inside a frame with strict rendering. It’s actually a dumbed down way of constructing the VML – go figure that IE would like it better!

    However, the bug fix and subsequent enabling of bg images in IE8 caused as many new problems as it solved, so it’s not ready yet… blech.

  4. Oleg Says:

    Great work!

    I, actually, already implemented my own ‘rerender’ method 🙂

    But I have another problem: the roundified page looks ugly when printed. Is there a way to make roundies print nicely or at least to turn them off when printing?

  5. Rodney Reid Says:

    Excellent Drew. Happy to know you’re still working on this.

    I had an idea with DD_Roundies that would make it much more of a “include script and forget it” library, but I haven’t been able to determine how feasible this is:

    Instead of the lib calls to add_roundies, can the stylesheets be read to find out if there’s any “-moz-border-radius….” etc styles, then use the selector + values for the style as the initializer for the roundies?

    Oh – laughed at the IE liking the dumbed down way comment… To think of IE as a bubble headed ‘duuhhhhh!’ makes me feel better about working with it.

  6. TX Says:

    I’ve been using this on my site since the first night I discovered it and I love it. Eagerly awaiting a new release… forcing IE7 mode in IE8 when using 0.0.2 works kinda-sorta okay for now, but it introduces an ugly issue with my site design because everything gets shifted over a pixel when the VML is applied (or whatever goes on behind the scenes… I’m a C programmer, not a real web developer!)

    Thanks for the awesome script!

  7. Pepsilovr Says:

    Terrific news re: IE 8 and background images!!! Keep up the good work!! This is the best solution I’ve come across for easy rounded corners in IE and I hope you will find the time to clean up the remaining IE issues.

  8. Great work! Keep working on those two plugins.

  9. Dale Larsen Says:

    I know you are busy and working hard but just so we can know when to expect another release… when do you think a new release will be available.

    Also, I unearthed a bug in IE7. :hover classes do not work. I have a block div that when moused over changes the background color using :hover with css. Does not work in IE7.

  10. Dale Larsen Says:

    I’m not sure why but my post here disappeared.

    In IE the :hover pseudo class is not working like it does in FF3. The hover is fired only when you hover over the text in the element. Therefore, if you do not have text in your element, :hover does not work.

  11. Chuck Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work! I can’t wait to see the .3 stuff.


  12. Mike Says:

    Ah, brilliant. I really need the rerender option, any idea on when you will be releasing it?

  13. vsync Says:

    I’m really looking forward for the
    next release of DD_Roundies !
    i’m huge fan, and I think that this code is the optimal for achieving round corners.

  14. John Runion Says:

    This script is awesome…it is easily integrated and works great…there is a lag on loading in IE 8 but the outcome is well worth it….implemented it in a client project and my freelance site is next….cheers

  15. Cassie Says:

    I noticed that while this works well on most corners, if used on a tabbed navigation, ie. with the list-item being rounded, li:hover is NOT applied (bgcolor change for example) and the link reverts to only the tab text being click-able vs. the whole tab.
    Also IE8 broke the layouts by shifting any ‘cornered’ div by 1 pixel. Not to mention the above tabbed navigation in IE8 simply froze this browser severly. Then again, maybe we really should not care about IE8 – at least we can force it to pretend to be IE7 – and we thought it was bad!

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