DD_belatedPNG 0.0.8a released

June 30, 2009

Changelog here:



I’m sure I missed credits for people.  Let me know.  Way too much email for me to keep up with.


21 Responses to “DD_belatedPNG 0.0.8a released”

  1. deef Says:

    Thank you for your continuous effort !

  2. Arjen Says:


    Best PNG fix around!

  3. Сергей Says:

    Drew, please continue to work with that project when you free to make it! It`s great! =)

  4. Cam Skene Says:

    This is great, thanks so much for your continued efforts on this project.

  5. damien Says:

    Sorry for my english..

    I have one question:

    When will be supported input elements?

    Like: submit button with image src

    Keep working!! This is a good png fix!! Thank you!!

  6. oops… not auto-escaping.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been working with the TH iepngfix, which works great, EXCEPT it completely breaks my <a> tags… the site I’m working on uses BG PNGs in absolute positioned <div>s with a sized blank.gif in an <a> tag to link to other pages. After 8-10 hours of struggling with CSS fixes (hasLayout), other pngfixes, etc… YOU saved the day!
    – Thomas

  7. jose Says:

    Man.This is great work.Really.You know I love that you came up with the idea to use the vml aproach with png transparency.Really good.I think canvas, svg and vml are really powerfull tools and should be used more often by webdesigners.Thanx for the pngfix.

  8. Hi Drew,

    There’s an encoding problem with my name in the 0.0.8a section of the changelog, it’s Rémi Prévost , not R�mi Pr�vost 😉

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Wouter Says:


    I keep getting an error in IE 8, it probably has to do with the VML support in the new IE version.

    IE points me to this line:
    screenStyleSheet.addRule(this.ns + ‘\\:*’, ‘{behavior:url(#default#VML)}’);
    Any way I can get this fixed?

  10. Jono Says:

    I work with a CMS that assigns IDs to images and kills the file extension – – it would be a near miracle if you could get this to work for that.

  11. Jono Says:

    JFYI, it renders images as src=”view.image?id=XXX” where XXX is a number

  12. Hello.

    Thank you very much for that solution.

    I have a small improvement suggestion: In the .js files you are mixing CRLF and LF line-breaks. Linux can read it correct, but Windows cannot show the file properly in NotePad. Please, change all LF to CRLF. Thank you.

  13. Holy Diver Says:

    In version 0.0.8a if CSS element with the png image in the background with periodicity changing property style.backgroundposition there is a flicker and braking, but in 0.0.6 this was not. Perhaps after each change in position translucency redrawn. This is an online translator.

  14. I found a BIG problem with the PNG-fix script. It worked correct at every page I tried at. But then I tried to fix a frameset-page where I wish IE6 compatibility. Every frame (but not the frameset) got the JS-reference and the .fix(‘img’). As soon as the first successful PNG-fix is completed, the frame goes blank and is destroyed.

    Can you do anything against that problem? I really wish I could fix the PNGs inside frames…

    Following easy HTML files show the bug exactly.

    FILE index.html:


    FILE test.html



    If you can read this, the image is commented out.

  15. Why is my comment #307 deleted when I post a link where I explained how the bug comes? http://www.viathinksoft.de/temp/pngfix_frame_bug/

  16. LapKom Says:

    I’ve got a problem with this script. I do just as the example says and script does not work. The images transparency is replaced, then images show up just for a second and then completely disappear. Is this some kind of bug or something? I really need to make this work.

    • dillerdesign Says:

      Can you give me an example in the form of a URL or ZIP? If you want to keep it private, email me. My first name, then a dot, then my last name, then an “at” then a gmail dot com.

  17. menik Says:

    Thank you for your gem of a script. It is without a doubt the best png fix on the web.

  18. Brian Says:

    This isn’t working for me on image buttons in IE6. I’m talking about using an input element of type ‘button’ with a src attribute to specify an image.

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