What to expect of DD_roundies 0.0.3 and IE8

August 25, 2009
  1. It’s going to work. I had the good fortune of being able to pull out some kludges specific to IE8 RC1, which is, as we know, no longer relevant.
  2. The roundies aren’t going to show up immediately. Period. IE8 doesn’t support CSS expressions anymore, so there is going to be, at the very least, the wait for onDomReady to complete.

4 Responses to “What to expect of DD_roundies 0.0.3 and IE8”

  1. Very excited to see 0.0.3. I’m actually working on a website right now using DD_roundies for my corners…everything is good across the board except for my background images on navigation.

    Any idea on when to expect the new release?

  2. Dale Larsen Says:

    Awesome Drew. When can we expect the next release?

  3. TX Says:

    Been anxiously awaiting 0.0.3 — and the day when I can remove the EmulateIE7 tag from my site — for what seems like the better part of a year.

    Rounded corners are awesome but I almost feel like I’m giving IE8 users the shaft by forcing them to run IE7 emulation and suffer even more rendering bugs than usual for so long, just for an aesthetic thing.

    Thankfully IE as a whole is less than 30% of my site’s demographic on a typical day…

  4. Steve Says:

    I too am anxiously awaiting the next release of DD roundies!! I have used v0.0.2 and found it too be excellent. Keep up the good work Drew 🙂

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