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Two bugs down in DD_roundies this weekend…

September 29, 2009

Made some progress yesterday on DD_roundies.  I have been kicking around the removeVML() and rerender() functions that I added a while ago; they’re working well.  I’m feeling safe about a release soon — I’ve been on the fence, sure one moment but startled by something new within short order.

One bug was that disabled form fields don’t fire _any_ event at all, ever.  Even onreadystatechange, it doesn’t fire on an element that you set to disabled=true.  I changed where the VML gets inserted… which has a few ramifications I’ll cover later.

Second, I stumbled upon a solution for the problem where a roundified link ends up only being clickable on the actual text of the link (clicks wouldn’t register on the padding around the text, if it existed).  I _think_ the almost-ready code will handle the problem by itself, but it needs some testing before I go ahead and call it a fact.