Two bugs down in DD_roundies this weekend…

September 29, 2009

Made some progress yesterday on DD_roundies.  I have been kicking around the removeVML() and rerender() functions that I added a while ago; they’re working well.  I’m feeling safe about a release soon — I’ve been on the fence, sure one moment but startled by something new within short order.

One bug was that disabled form fields don’t fire _any_ event at all, ever.  Even onreadystatechange, it doesn’t fire on an element that you set to disabled=true.  I changed where the VML gets inserted… which has a few ramifications I’ll cover later.

Second, I stumbled upon a solution for the problem where a roundified link ends up only being clickable on the actual text of the link (clicks wouldn’t register on the padding around the text, if it existed).  I _think_ the almost-ready code will handle the problem by itself, but it needs some testing before I go ahead and call it a fact.


19 Responses to “Two bugs down in DD_roundies this weekend…”

  1. Sergey Says:

    Thank you Drew!

  2. Chris Says:

    Hi Drew!

    Thank you for the great app! I wrote you 2 mails about problems with IE6. Your script causes IE6 to crash immediately when opening a page 😦

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Mike Says:

    Hi Drew,

    Just a quick mail to say thank you for your efforts. I find your scripts infinitely useful and they save me a lot of time.

    DD_roundies has the potential to be a fix all script for me and level the playing field in terms of png support and rounded corners.

    Will the next release make any progress with the ie8 support?

    Thanks again,

  4. Steve Says:

    Good work – sounds like progress is being made and a release is immanent?! Maybe? 😉

  5. Adam Pope Says:

    IE6 workarounders unite! I’m attempting to integrate PeterNed’s whatever:hover with Roundify – so I can get divs to have rounded corners and change color on hover.

    However, it seems if I disable roundify the hover works, but if it is enabled it won’t. Any ideas?

  6. vsync Says:

    Pleaseeee release it already !
    I’m visiting your blog every week for
    months now, hoping for a new release that would solve all my problems with the current script.

    I get disappearing rounded elements on IE. they show on mouse hover.

    I’m really looking forward the new release.

    keep up the good work!

  7. radixhound Says:

    Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to the IE8 fixes.

  8. Dale Larsen Says:

    Awesome! Glad to hear about the clicking on the text link bug!

  9. Ben Says:

    This is really awesome work. I have used it in multiple projects, I cant wait for a new release. Though I think you should just merge this and dd-pngfix. Since they seem to get updated at different intervals, I never know when to use what one for the newest png fix issues. Awesome work. Thanks again

  10. jebw Says:

    +1 for a release 🙂

    This is a really really great script but like vsync says I’m hanging on your every word for a 0.03 release 🙂

    If its any incentive I’ll happily make a donation but I know normally these things relate to time available not cash.

    How close is it? Days or weeks (or months)?

    thanks for the great work!


  11. Juan P Says:


    This is a simple solution to the problem of background in IE8. Just add the following tag to the page:

    Another interesting solution for IE8 is to generate a Gradient background using VML. One example


  12. Ben Says:

    Wondering if there had been any updates?

  13. Hay Says:

    Thanks for your great library!

    Just one comment: i had some weird effects with using the library on div’s with position: absolute and a negative margin. IE6/7 already does strange things with negative margins, but apparently this library triggers even more quirks in IE6. It can be fixed by doing IE6-specific CSS hacks for those negative margins.

  14. jimothy Says:

    Nice work, thanks for making IE workarounds easy for non-coders!

    I’m having a couple problems with it, however: For one, the roundies aren’t rendering in webkit for me on a ul element, only in IE and mozilla (it works when I hand code the css). Secondly, my border color on roundies in IE is being overridden by the text color – the border color appears briefly until the page finishes loading, then it changes to the text color. Plus, it appears only solid style is working. Are these known issues?


  15. David Says:

    Thank you for your GREAT script!
    I keep visiting to see if a new version is out that will fix the current bugs…
    The world awaits a new release 🙂

  16. Neil Says:


    I just thought I’d see how the development of this is coming along? It’s a really good piece of code just need a few fixes for IE8.

    The main problem I have is when I set an elements border to be rounded with this and it gets resized in the browser the element resizes but not the border

  17. Jason Says:

    Hi Drew,

    Any chance we’ll be seeing the new version soon?

    Love your work.

  18. Joshua Says:

    How is this coming?
    Yes, please let us know. We can help debug and modify if need be but we would lover to see where you have come with IE8

  19. Roman Says:

    The Javascript Animation demo is SUPER slow in IE 6.

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