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non-sequential JS animation

December 6, 2009

Wasn’t sure what to call it:


Bike handlebar mittens

December 5, 2009

Do you ride your bike in the winter?  Do you still not know about handlebar mitts?

I nabbed a pair of these with some of the donations to the DD_* JS projects:

They look silly, but wow, they WORK.  Pretty much anything that successfully keeps you warm looks silly.  I can go without any gloves at 40 F, some thin full finger bike gloves at 32 F.  For colder stuff, I wear winter gloves, and my hands stay absolutely pleased.

I am a $#!*

December 5, 2009

Last I checked on here, I was about to release some code.

Then my next week happened.  Holy crap.  The changes I’d made fixed some specific, repeated complaints various folks have left here, but it caused more harm then good.

After that happened, I straight up got burnt out.  This isn’t live journal, so I’ll keep the emo reasons out.

I find myself spending more time coding lately.  During the summer, I literally did no programming outside of work.  No freelancing, no fun coding, I basically became a “just a paycheck” programmer.  Spent time outside doing fun stuff.

The months are cold again, I find myself indoors.  A freelance gig I picked up is providing for a short term challenge, and it’s pretty fun programming.

I have motivation for this again.  A few projects to square away first.  So, library updates will happen.  Some problems aren’t solvable, as I learned earlier when I abandoned hope.  If I can’t fix them, I will strive to post guidelines / workarounds.

Heh, when venting to a guy at work about this, citing gripes like people who send me stupifying email, he joked, “Maybe they should ask for their money back.”  Well, a lot of people _have_ donated money, and you have my continued thanks.  I am putting it toward my bicycle winter-ization.